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The Heart

Upon arrival to 56 Central you will be greeted by a giant heart designed by local artist Finbar 24/7. This heart represents ‘connection’ - each value connects you to all the rooms within this magnificent building, represented by a continuous line which changes from a white line, to pink ribbon as you journey through this magnificent building.

Old Windows & Marriage Stone

We have 2 giant Old Galway Windows from a castle that I have been told the previous owner Lydon took from Kirwan's Lane years ago when people didn't see the value in them! We also have an old Marriage stone on the stairs - these were very popular years ago when 2 families married. I tell the customers to rub it on the way out - and that it might bring me luck and find me a husband!!!

The Garden

A giant tree was made using duct tape by Finbar 24/7 and the designer Dan Gardner Original used natural wood and etched the words ‘Its Time’ on the seating. This area represents the outdoors and our connection to nature.

The Buddha Zen Rooftop

Heart centered living begins in the mind and being centered - slowing down from the busy lives we live to breath & relax.

In the busy city lies our Buddha zen garden - where you can sit and sip a glass of wine and enjoy the sounds of our water fall and listen to the chimes - all over looked by our giant Buddha which was hand crafted by local artists -  you will instantly relax and unwind in our secret garden.

Don't be surprised to come here and smell incense burning and listen to chill out tunes or chimes from our giant chime

The Site

This main sitting area has been designed using recycled materials, Dan Gardner, the designer, cleverly used old scaffolding to make some unique seats and, of course, the window booths are some of the best seats in the house where you can sit and watch the world go by.

Once a month we host a paint club to allow people to express themselves in 56 Central.

The Art Room

Art and culture are all part of the experiences in life which we crash into every day, but are often too busy to notice! This room is unique and has a one of kind piece of art on the walls designed by FinBar 24/7. We have 4 window seats with old long traditional windows where people can sit and relax and watch the streets below from our stylish world.

Once a week we do yoga in the art room with local teacher Sinead from Love Yoga - a time to heal our bodies and slow down and breath while being grateful for all we have.

The Wine Vault

A hidden gem in the city our own wine vault to display our wine selection. Dan has used some old materials from a bowling alley to make this caged wine vault. ‘Enjoy the Journey’ has been etched on the walls using pink ribbon to remind everyone that life is a journey not a destination.



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5 Shop Street


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The Heart

The Heart

The Wine Vault

The Wine Vault

The History of the Building - 5/6 Shop Street, Galway

5/6 Shop Street Galway has long been pouring cups of tea … it goes as far back as 1946 when the first cup of tea was poured in this building formerly known as Lydon's Restaurant. 


Lydon’s bakery, and later the restaurant, came into prominence on the site in the middle of the 20th century, as good food became a main attraction. We are reminded daily from customers of the good old days where fancy cakes were served on cake stands, you would simply order a stand and eat what you wished - only paying for the buns you ate! Other dishes included liver, kidney and more tea. We doubt there was a skinny, almond milk flat white back then!!


Later, Lydon’s gave way to the creation of Lynch’s Restaurant, which served very traditional carvery dinners which were, until a few years ago, a most sought after dinner for locals. Times change, tastes change and this saw the end of the carvery dinner as we know it.

Gill learning the trade age 18

Gill learning the trade age 18

Gill Carroll

In 1996 a young 16 year girl took her first job working in a cafe in city centre of Galway. Little did she know then, while humming along in the wash up to ‘Killing me softly’, that one day she would return to carry on the tradition of serving the good people of Galway and Ireland.


Gill, a Galway girl, got her training under way in GMIT, getting a degree in Business and Hotel Management. She later moved to Edinburgh and made her fist stab at owning a business setting up the Orchard Bar which is still going strong nearly 10 years later.


Gill returned to Ireland and, after some time planning and searching, she set up the famous 37 West in Newcastle. 37 West was launched in 2013 and became famous for 2 things - the words ‘healthy is the New Sexy’ and the internationally famous and winner of many to titles the Chicken Melt.


2 years later, with people spilling out the doors of 37 West and requests everyday for a city centre location, Gill decided it was time to move into the city. When the deal arose for Lynch’s she jumped at it.


May 2015 saw the day 56 Central was born in the heart of Galway.





▪ Turning the ordinary into extraordinary

▪ Functional artist and designer

▪ dangardneroriginal@gmail.com

087 104 0493


Finbar 24/7

Finbar 24/7




Finbar247 is one of Ireland’s most vibrant visual artists to use outdoor spaces as a showcase for the arts and personal expression. His most recent works include a collection of large outdoor paintings around Galway city for Cúirt International Festival of Literature and an exciting installation at the Galway Arts Centre which was open to the general public in early May, called 'Love vs Fear'.


The Crew

People don’t buy what you do. They buy you to do what you do! We love what we do...

If you are a crew member in 56 Central - you will no doubt be put through some unique style training by Gill - where managers start meetings by saying what they are grateful for or by having a few minutes of time out to meditate. Staff training sees all crews shouting out some top qualities they see in each other.

Crew members are invited to do Yoga for free weekly and don't be surprised if you come in and see that the staff are heading to the gym together or one of the staff members is doing a race or mud run or even raising money for charity by walking on fire

Contribution is built into the crew - giving back to the community in many ways - be it staff raising money , the restaurant raising €14k for local charity Big Brother Big Sister or by using their €5 gold ticket to treat a customer to something special to make their day - its in the ethos of 56 Central and all the crew are encouraged to make WOW moments.

The crew are encouraged to connect with people and reach out - you will often see the managers popping into local shops with free samples of different dishes that are on sale - so simple cups filled with sweets and discount cards!

The Crew have facebook page where they are encouraged to support each other and share stories and learn from each other

Managers often head for a spa day together so they can unwind and chill out.

If you would like to join our crew please send your CV to 56centralmanager@gmail.com