The Crew

We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect,trust and care for each other
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Being a part of the 56 Central Crew is like being a part of a big family. The Crew are known to spend numerous evenings throughout the year bonding, weather that is through crew bowling, pizza nights or a visit to the cinema. When you come into the restaurant it is evident that the crew get on well together, laughing away and having the craic- as well as doing some work of course….

If you are a crew member in 56 Central - you will no doubt be put through some unique style training by Gill - where managers start meetings by saying what they are grateful for or by having a few minutes of time out to meditate. Staff training sees all crews shouting out some top qualities they see in each other.

Contribution is built into the crew - giving back to the community in many ways - be it staff raising money for their favourite charity, the Galway Simon Community or by using their €5 gold ticket to treat a customer to something special to make their day - its in the ethos of 56 Central and all the crew are encouraged to make WOW moments.

The Crew have Facebook page where they are encouraged to support each other and share stories and learn from each other

Managers often head for a spa day together so they can unwind and chill out.


If you would like to join our crew please send your CV to


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Rowena, General Manager.





Rowena has worked in 56 Central since it opened in 2015 rising up the ladder to fulfil her dream role of becoming as General Manager. On her days off Rowena will be seen enjoying a glass of chardonnay outside the Bunch of Grapes. Rowena loves the sense of community spirit that comes with working on Shop Street and she says it provides a great opportunity to connect with the locals and meet new people. Rowena is a fluent Irish speaker, once appearing on TG4 showing of her love for all things As Gaeilge. Her goal for this year is to learn how to drive …. She doesn’t know we have made this a public statement … now she is under pressure! Fun fact about Rowena is she walked on fire in 2016 raising funds for Kevin Bell Fund..








Arentas, Head Chef


Like Rowena, Head Chef Arentas has been working in 56 Central from day 1. He started his career out in our sister café 37 West 5 years ago, during his time in the company put him through a yearlong training programme in GMIT in Culinary Arts. Arentas says his favourite thing about 56 Central is the craic he has with the crew, as Head Chef he has created a fun and family friendly environment for the team to work in, making sure all the dads get some time off with the kids. In his spare time Arentas loves spending time with his family, cooking and watching football. He loves Galway City as it is multicultural and a great place for the whole family. Fun fact about Arentas – he used to be a wedding singer!









Piotrek, Team Leader




Piotrek has worked in 56 Central since opening in 2015. Piotrek says his favourite thing about 56 Central is the fact you have the opportunity to meet friends for life. On his days of he can be found perched at his piano practicing some Beethoven.  Piotrek has lived in Galway for 6 years. He loves Galway, he says it is one of the most beautiful cities he has ever visited. He can be seen cycling to work every day even during a red alert snow storm he will be on his Bike. Piotrek married the love of his life in 2017 where he invited owner Gill to attended, she hasn’t drank vodka since the celebrations in Poland.