The Crew

People don’t buy what you do. They buy you to do what you do! We love what we do...

If you are a crew member in 56 Central - you will no doubt be put through some unique style training by Gill - where managers start meetings by saying what they are grateful for or by having a few minutes of time out to meditate. Staff training sees all crews shouting out some top qualities they see in each other.

Crew members are invited to do Yoga for free weekly and don't be surprised if you come in and see that the staff are heading to the gym together or one of the staff members is doing a race or mud run or even raising money for charity by walking on fire

Contribution is built into the crew - giving back to the community in many ways - be it staff raising money , the restaurant raising €14k for local charity Big Brother Big Sister or by using their €5 gold ticket to treat a customer to something special to make their day - its in the ethos of 56 Central and all the crew are encouraged to make WOW moments.

The crew are encouraged to connect with people and reach out - you will often see the managers popping into local shops with free samples of different dishes that are on sale - so simple cups filled with sweets and discount cards!

The Crew have facebook page where they are encouraged to support each other and share stories and learn from each other

Managers often head for a spa day together so they can unwind and chill out.

If you would like to join our crew please send your CV to