56 Central does their best to bring real food to the table, always thinking local first and how we can use a local supplier where feasible and over the years have supported many local producers.

We work with local baker Martin who brings fresh scones and brown bread to our door every morning at 7am on his custom-made bicycle followed by Alex and Fredrick from Le Petite Delice who deliver fresh brioche daily.

Andy delivers delicious cakes which have been created from some unique experiments with different flours and ingredients. The Ferrero Roche cake is a must.

Food is about a process that happens long before it reaches us

Sourcing and working with Ali from Alis fish market on Henry Street where Gill has worked with his daughter Nusian, who recently opened a restaurant called Hooked , in her business Strive For It means we have the best source of fish in town as Ali often comes in on a Sunday straight off some boat where he has gotten a haul - the man is dedicated!!

We are pretty serious about Tea & Coffee...

In 56 Central we are mad about tea, be it Irish Barry's Tea or our great selection of herbal teas called Tea Pigs. Tea Pigs are great quality real tea, with whole leaf tea, whole leaf herbs, whole berries, whole spices and whole flowers.

Our coffee is supplied by Matt and George a 2nd generation business whose father set up coffee.ie and sees the boys carry on the tradition in new modern style - sourcing a fine bean for us. When you drink a cup of our Bristot coffee you are drinking a cup of the world-our blend has 6 beans from around the world

As much as we love our coffee we love a good quality wine and beer as well

The Kenny family of J&C Kenny Wines fill our Wine Vault for us every week. Working closely with the Kenny ladies, Gill has created a simple yet affordable wine list for the wine vault. In summer of 2016 we joined forces with Fernando from Spain who flew over to give a one-off wine tasting alongside local blogger Cathal ‘A Glass of Red Wine’. This was a very special event with some delicious Spanish tapas made by Chef Arentas. We have recently added beers to our beverage menu including Guinness and Carlsberg on tap and a selection of craft beers.


Our chefs have carefully prepared a menu that mingles the international with the traditional. This includes home comforts such as bacon and cabbage, beef curry and a super selection of burgers from Beef, Chicken and our Chickpea burger.


We have incorporated specialties from 37 West like the Super Food salad which is a hands down favourite with everyone, male or female! Of course we would be nothing without the Chicken Melt which is so famous and so sought after that we had to give it a proper title and we invented National Chicken Melt Day on the 18th of March the actual day that the melt was created in 2014 in 37 West. We gave away over 500 melts between the 2 places that day and gave away t shirts, pens and balloons to all the loyal fans who cued to get the free melt!

56 Central has 3 unique flat breads which are becoming as famous as the chicken melts and will no doubt need a day all to themselves very soon.


Breakfast in 56 Central is a simple blend of old meets new...

....offering a traditional full fry to a very Aussie style eggs with avocado and salsa to a breakfast which Gill found in NYC.

All our breads are sourced locally - we don't use sliced pan - its all fresh and local - using 2 different top bakeries locally.

Sausages and pudding are sourced from the local butcher and eggs are local and free range.

All our breads are sourced locally - we don't use sliced pan - its all fresh and local - using 2 different top bakeries locally.