The History of the Building - 5/6 Shop Street, Galway

5/6 Shop Street Galway has long been pouring cups of tea … it goes as far back as 1946 when the first cup of tea was poured in this building formerly known as Lydon's Restaurant. 


Lydon’s bakery, and later the restaurant, came into prominence on the site in the middle of the 20th century, as good food became a main attraction. We are reminded daily from customers of the good old days where fancy cakes were served on cake stands, you would simply order a stand and eat what you wished - only paying for the buns you ate! Other dishes included liver, kidney and more tea. We doubt there was a skinny, almond milk flat white back then!!


Later, Lydon’s gave way to the creation of Lynch’s Restaurant, which served very traditional carvery dinners which were, until a few years ago, a most sought after dinner for locals. Times change, tastes change and this saw the end of the carvery dinner as we know it.