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What was Lydon House Bakery on Shop Street and became Lynch’s Café for the last 20 years, has made way for a new eatery run by a young city businesswoman.

Lynch’s closed its doors on May 2 and re-opened as 56 Central last week, under the ownership of Gill Carroll, who also owns the successful 37 West in Newcastle.

She has extensive experience in the hospitality sector. She ran a bar in Edinburgh for some time and later decided to bring her business savvy back to Galway.

“Lynch’s Cafe was a fantastic part of Galway life for so many and I had the pleasure of working there for over two years. I knew then I always wanted to return and put my stamp on this restaurant,” explained Ms Carroll.


Gill Carroll, owner of 37 West and 56 Central

“I worked there when I was 16, and I’m 35 now so that’s 20 years ago this summer. My father owns Zhivago, so in a way I’ve always been on Shop Street.”

Her other business 37 West is a part of wave of healthy food eateries in the city, and was listed on the McKenna guide recently.

She also sits on the board of the Galway City Business Association as well as the Galway Chamber of Commerce. She has been an ardent supporter of local charity initiatives too.

Ms Carroll is clearly vested in the local economy and its continued growth......

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